Justin Trudeau: Poster Child for Globalism

(Note: This column originally appeared in the Ottawa Hill Times.)

If you’re a hip, trendy and fashionable progressive, odds are you’re also a “multicultural globalist.”

Yes, apparently the term “multicultural globalist” – doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? – is now officially a thing.

I first came across this term while reading an article in the journal Politico, in which writer Michael Lind described multicultural globalists as those progressives for whom “national boundaries are increasingly obsolete and perhaps even immoral”.

Lind also adds that for multicultural globalists, “the identities that count are subnational (race, gender, orientation) and supranational (citizenship of the world).”

I’m bringing all this up, because I’d argue that our very own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fast becoming the world’s poster child for multicultural globalism.

To see what I mean, just consider his sterling multicultural globalist record since becoming prime minister.

For instance, you could make the case that Trudeau seems to take more pride in being a “feminist,” than he does in being a Canadian. Certainly, when travelling abroad he takes great delight in hammering foreign audiences over the head with his feminist credentials.

And after the Brexit vote, Trudeau reportedly reacted by saying, “I shudder to think what the future of feminism in the UK looks like now that it has chosen to leave the European Union.”

To me, that sure sounds like a “subnational” sort of response.

And as far as the “supranational” citizen of the world bit goes, consider how Trudeau steadfastly refused to brand various ISIS atrocities as “genocide,” until after the United Nations used that word in one of its reports.

My point is Trudeau deferred to the UN, which itself is a monument to multicultural globalism.

Plus, when Trudeau’s not being pro-UN, he’s praising global trade, as he did at the recent “Three Amigos’ Summit”, when he spoke favorably about international trade agreements including NAFTA (a trade deal, by the way, which his own Liberal Party once vociferously opposed).

Now it should go without saying that by taking all these multicultural globalist stances, Trudeau is ensuring that he will become a hero among the world’s cadre of progressive international elitists.

In fact, if there was such a thing as Multicultural Globalist magazine, Trudeau’s face would probably be on every cover.

Of course, the more the prime minister gets drenched with international praise, the more it will help burnish his reputation as a progressive world leader, which will help increase his popularity at home – especially with his fellow multicultural globalists.

Yet, that said, there’s also a potential dark cloud on Trudeau’s globalist horizon.

I say that because the inherent problem with multicultural globalism as a governing ideology, is it can clash with a much older, much more powerful emotional sentiment: nationalism

As Canadian pollster Darrell Bricker recently noted on Facebook, “In the rush to become citizens of the world, political and economic elites forget that the vast majority value their nationhood much more.”

Yes, our sense of “nationhood” matters, even in a multicultural, diverse, relatively new country like Canada.

At any rate, nationalism – which can be defined as the sense that our leaders should care more about “us” than about “them” — is always smoldering within a country’s borders, manifesting itself – sometimes unconsciously — as a wariness of “outsiders”.

And when you take that sense of wariness and mix it in with a dose of economic anxiety and then sprinkle in fear of terrorism, you get Brexit, you get Donald Trump, you get the emergence of nationalistic populist political parties.

In other words, you get a reaction that totally rejects multicultural globalism.

Trudeau would do well to keep that in mind.

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  1. Gerry, A most apropos article! When I think of Justin Trudeau as being a Multicultural Globalist, I can’t help but think of its ‘Founder’, Barak Hussein Obama. Wow! Politicians without Borders. Now that’s real scary. With B.h.O. currently being a lame duck, what will he do before he goes after being ‘top dog’ at the Disunited Nations? Could he create another executive order and pardon Hillary just before the General Election? Perhaps the U.N. could take over Gitmo and use it as their head office. Looking forward to your next vibrant article.

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