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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 15:37

Well, ex-astronaut Marc Garneau has dropped out of the Liberal leadership race.

Am I surprised?

Yes, I thought Garneau was a fighter, but it turns out he’s nothing but a quitter.

Certainly, his quitting must disappoint his supporters and anyone who hoped the Liberal race would provide something
akin to drama.

And I am surprised for another reason: his decision to drop out is puzzling from a purely strategic perspective. He must have known from day one that his chances of winning the leadership were slim at best.

Yet, by fighting the good fight, by providing Justin Trudeau with serious opposition, by offering a strong voice on policy, he could, even in defeat, have won a moral victory, and in doing so create a brand for himself in the public mind, as a courageous politician who battled for a cause to the bitter end.

By dropping out of the race with a month to go before the convention, that’s all gone.

Now he’s just a “loyal soldier," for the Liberal Party.

Or so he says. 

But by declaring Trudeau the sure-to-be-winner, Garneau has insulted the other Liberal candidates and thrown cold water on the rest of the leadership race.

What was already a dull affair just got a whole lot duller. 

That doesn't seem so loyal to me.

At any rate, the bottom line is, it would have been better for Garneau and for the Liberal Party had he never entered the race at all.
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